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MSA Love Notes

published on September 16, 2013

Okay for the last two weeks, I’ve been talking about Measurement System Analysis and before I move on to a new topic I have one final post on why you should be thinking about MSA. Here it goes…

Why you use it

  • You use MSA to compare you customer’s expectations to your inspection standards. This is a very quick illustration of a value stream map and a good way to ensure that you are providing the best service for your customer.


  •   It gives you a snapshot of where the training in your organization should be.


  •  It gives you the opportunity to evaluate your trainers in a truly neutral fashion. The data doesn’t lie and you can assess the training in your organization from a truly objective perspective.


  • Creates an opportunity to analyze your existing systems and evaluate new systems.

Why is it important?

  • Allows you to measure the amount of variation in your measurement systems.


  • Allows you to compare user variation.


  • Allows you to compare two or more measurement systems.


  • Helps you develop a baseline for measurement systems.


  • Helps you develop a system to evaluate the moving pieces in your organization.


  • Gives you a true before and after picture.


  • Gives you a true measurement of variation and the causes of it.


  • Evaluates your training programs.


So I am a big fan of MSA as you can tell, but the bottom line is that it can really affect your organization in the best way. It forces you to be accountable and it forces you to pay attention to the changes. Give it shot and if we can help, let us know.


published on September 16, 2013


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