about usAbout SPC Business Consulting

At SPC Business Consulting, we understand that running a business is hard and most of the things that happen catch us by surprise. Identifying the things you can control can save you time, money and sanity. We live by the words ‘how can this be easier?” Our method, our reports and our consulting begin with that basic statement and we repeat it every step of the way. We don’t believe in creating situations, we believe in creating solutions and that’s why we show up every day.

Our Values

As a small business we know the sacrifices you make to run your company, because we make them to. At SPC Business Consulting we believe that a consultant should bring:


We tell you the truth about the situation, not the truth needed to create billable hours. We create solutions without a built in break point. We know that as you grow, so do your problems. We are here to help, not hinder your growth.


When you come to SPC you can talk to any of our consultants at any time during the project and you will have access to the CEO from the moment you begin thinking about being our client. We don’t assign you a consultant and disappear. We are committed to your success and that means we are completely accessible.


Each of our consultants have at least 10 years of experience and when we say we know that area, we have the credentials to back it up. More importantly our consultants sit on a variety of executive boards to provide you with as much perspective as possible.


We pride ourselves on communicating with our clients and at SPC we believe communication should leave our clients with clarity. We don’t try to confuse you with numbers or graphs. We give you the situation and the relevant recommendations. Some clients like e-mail, some like phone calls. If you want to see on us on site, we can do that. We talk, we explain, we ask questions… we communicate.