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What is Six Sigma Anyway?

Well in a nutshell, Six Sigma is a management methodology to correct a system or process within your organization.  When you hear Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, Change Management these are all improvements for processes.  All of these are built around Deming’s PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.   Plan– This step identifies the issues occurring, the desired goals

In this economy it’s easy to assume that all applicants are lucky to get interviewed, but when you carry that attitude into the hiring process it becomes a lightning rod for the talent you are trying to attract. There are certain fields where this is an exception, I can think of technical fields and the

As far as business is concerned you’ve hit the lottery. You have managed to lure the ‘rock star’ employee from the big boys and now you have your work cut out for you. How do you keep high earning employees happy? You know they are always looking for the next big thing, so how do

Mobile VOIP goes international

In January mobile VoIP giant Rebtel launched a new Blackberry Application aimed at reducing the enormous cost of international calls.  Android users (like myself) shouldn’t feel left out, there is an international application for Android as well. The application does not need an active Wi-Fi connection to work; it works on a standard cellular network

For a few years there have been some whispers about how if you are an American soldier living on the economy in the UK, your rent will be outrageous and you will be charged to renovate the rental properties when you move out.  This was just a whisper before, but I have found it to

What would you do? http://ping.fm/jK39I

I had a conversation with a colleague yesterday and he was commenting on the quality of work their IT contractor provided. Mind you, this is a huge government contract with a big consulting firm and the consultant couldn’t tell him how to link up the instant message contact names to their email addresses. As a

Across the country on any given day, someone in management is uttering the phrase ‘where did it all go wrong?’ Conventional wisdom says you look at your people and then your process and you work backward to spot dependant variables and points of failure. I sit on the other side of the bench. As a

Can You Go Green?

Taking your business green has been the cause du jour lately, but it may be easier than we thought. As a company where do you begin? According to Heatsteam, the easiest place to start is your hot water system. I invite you to take my challenge, try the system and send me your feedback.  

Can Bob Dudley Fix BP?

Now that BP has chosen Bob Dudley to lead the company into a new future, can he inspire change?  The 2007 Baker Report has provided a very challenging view of corporate culture.  Against all odds, I think Bob Dudley can use this situation to foster a change within BP if he tackles a few of