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British Airways narrowly averted a disaster this holiday season when a vote to strike was held illegal by the British high courts. The company is facing a showdown with its employees and many believe that the root of the problem is an unrealistic attitude towards pay and privilege from the staff. The question rolling through

Jobcentre Plus: Recruitment and Retention Services   £1000 Recruitment Subsidy We recognise recruitment can be expensive and that some employers are reluctant to take on customers who might not have recent or relevant work experience.  We can pay you £1000 for everyone you recruit who has been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for over 6 months.   

What Kraft Has Taught Us

In September 2009 Kraft released details of its rejected Cadbury’s merger proposal. Kraft offered Cadbury a price above their share price, 90 day stock price and closing stock price-so why did it fail? The proposal provides some important points that shed light on why the merger failed and more importantly what small businesses can learn from this

In every business in every part of the world there is one situation that baffles even the most gifted professionals: poor performance.  Most supervisors view poor performance as an issue of the employee; but I believe that poor performance is an all inclusive situation. Everyone in Executive Leadership should bear some responsibility in creating and

The merger of big business retailer Amazon and independent Zappo’s .com was a shock to many people including the staff of Zappo’s.com. So in the midst of all this shock was can your business learn from this $487 million dollar merger? 1.     Discuss change and how it will affect your company openly with the people

Success is in the Payments

Businesses need customers to survive; without customers, business won’t experience growth or success. So knowing that we need our customers to survive, how can we get them to pay their invoices on time without damaging these important relationships? 1.     Ensure that the same tone is conveyed throughout your customer’s purchasing experience. If stellar service is

Industry Information

I was at a meeting for the Thetford Manufacturing Club and gathered a great deal of information on some available services for businesses, please pass the information on to any business that can use it. BELA II grants for businesses in the East of England- this phase of the grants are for ICT only and are

      Small businesses looking to innovate and test new ideas will today be offered a “free voucher” to claim £3,000 worth of consultancy with academics and researchers at 12 universities across the East of England.The voucher scheme is the latest move by the East of England Development Agency to support small and medium-sized

The article The Hits and the Missus by Christopher Goodwin hit on an area of strategy that is overlooked by the typical business owner. What do business owners and the Beckham’s have in common? Both are selling an image and building an empire. How can your business benefit from the Celebrity Business Model?   Being

Is Your Business Ready to Grow?

In my consultancy, the first question posed to potential clients is –Is Your Business Ready to Grow? This seems like a simple question, but it is the most important area of communication a business can have with a consultant.  Many companies are excited about the potential to expand the products or services, but don’t have