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National Security is a hot button topic, but is it making us any safer?  A lot work has been done to improve the time it takes for a clearance to be completed, but have those improvements cost us our safety?  The government agency that handles security clearance, the Office of Personnel Management, has been under

The issues with the Apple 4G phone have been on everyone’s radar lately, but it brings to light a great business discussion. Your brand is usually based on a breakthrough product or service that performs really well and ideally is a market leader for your industry. Your company spends countless hours developing and refining what

Young Chamber Event

I’ve just returned from the Alysham Young Chamber Breakfast Event and I have to say it was a great one! It is lovely to see young people taking such an active role in local business and it creates the entrepreneurial drive that we need to sustain us. Well done guys, I really enjoyed myself.

  On April 20, 2010 BP became the face of one of the most devastating environmental disasters since Hurricane Katrina.  Various people and organizations have been quick to point out BP’s failures, but what have businesses been able to learn from the situation? 1.      Poor leadership affects more than the company– Company’s become their product

Is Your Head in the Clouds?

Is Your Head in the Clouds? Cloud computing is the next big thing in business, but what exactly is it? Why is it better than traditional computing? This article investigates cloud computing and what it means to small businesses. Cloud Characteristics Cloud computing has a few characteristics that distinguish it from typical computing. The main

A recent conversation with a my former college professors gave me the push for this article. In my line of work, you often hear business owners and executives talk about the need for their businesses to run more efficiently. They need to really focus on smart use of resources and to ‘do more with less’. This made me wonder,

The Process of Success

Every business across every industry has one thing in common: a business process. Understanding your business processes and the value they can bring to your organisation can mean the difference between providing a service and adding value that your clients can see. A business process can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. A business

In March of this year, former President Bill Clinton acknowledged to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that the practice of importing cheap rice had a significant negative impact on the Haitian economy. That made me think, are businesses in danger of creating their own corporate Haiti through outsourcing? Outsourcing is used in almost every area

With the implosion of Toyota, Six Sigma has gotten a bad rap in the in the business community. Companies are questioning the effectiveness of the method and if whether it has run its course in the business world. Often expensive and time consuming, companies looking for a reason not to use it hit the jackpot

Government contracting can be an exciting and lucrative revenue stream for a small business. The federal market can validate and lift a small business above its competitors. But for all the glitz and glamour, the federal market place has its fair share of problems. One problem that frequently visits a small business is the potential