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Oh, How They Vary!

Last week we talked about normal distribution in your data. This week let’s kick the conversation off with non-normal distribution. There are a few different types of non-normal distribution, let’s take a look. Skewed distribution Skewed data is quite simply, a data distribution that is not symmetrical. Usually the longest tail points should point in

Variation: The Sources

In metrics the most honest finding will be that your metrics will have degrees of variation. Understanding where and how those metrics occur, is the key to using your data in a forward thinking strategy. Let’s start with something simple, like toy production. We are going to track some standard variation sources. Variation Sources Within

  As we keep walking down this wonderful world of 6Sigma it’s important that we talk about how capability is measured. We’ve been talking about process capability for a few weeks now, so let’s talk about the capability measurement methods. This week we are going to focus on capability index and process capability. What does it

The X-Files: Understanding Data

One of the key things learnt from 6Sigma is the ability to accurately measure and analyze the information your organization collects. This can be as technical or as general as your organization needs, the key is to understand the level of specificity your organization needs and analyze from there. A Black belt will be able

The Value of a Capability Study

We opened last week with Process Capability and before we go full-fledged into that area, I want to pause and put some focus on capability studies. What is a Capability Study? To review from last week, a capability study is a way to ensure that your process is consistent over an extended period of time.

Understanding Process Capability

We’ve spent a fair amount of time learning the ins and outs of MSA’s, so this week I want to focus on process capability and how to understand the information you receive. What is Process Capability? In a nutshell Process Capability is: • What it takes for your process to meet your customers’ needs right

MSA 101

We’ve talked about accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility in your MSA’s but now we need to talk about data integrity. Data Integrity Numbers shouldn’t lie, but when they do it is usually because somewhere along the line the integrity of the data didn’t hold up. Integrity Before you begin your analysis there are two questions you