Contracts Lifecycle

Are your contracts really performing as they should?


From beginning to end, your contracts  should include all parts of your business. Before you talk to your customers, know which part of the lifecycle you are in.



How for in advance do you plan you proposals? How often do you review your current contracts? 

Pipeline Building

Do you know who your customer is and what they are buying this quarter? What is the customer's buying trend? 

Bid/No-Bid Decision

What does it take to get a green light for your company? Do you look at all 7 areas?


How will you do this? What will it take? What does the end result look like?

Close Out

Do you have everything you need to close out the contract on a good note?


What parts of your business are involved in contracts? The more inclusive your contracts program is, the more likely you are to experience increased quality and decreased internal costs. A healthy contracts program is inclusive and responsive. Let SPC help you get there.