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Tag Archives: Change Management

6Sigma Tools: Pareto Analysis

published on June 11, 2012

The Pareto principle, most commonly known as the 80-20 rule, is known by business owners as the simple fact that 80% of your problems are caused by 20% of the people. Really the theory was about wealth and power distribution, but the …

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Six Sigma Tools: Gemba Walk

published on May 14, 2012

In any lean project there are a ton of buzzwords, but the one thing that is a universal truth in all lean initiative is that for any tool used to be successful it must be understood. In today’s blog we …

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Six Sigma Tools: Building a Business Case

published on April 30, 2012

Building a business case is important to more than your improvement project, it should be one of the pillars of your decision making. A business case helps you understand why a decision is necessary, what you anticipate the solution to …

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Future State Vision

published on January 23, 2012

Six Sigma has gotten a sometimes well deserved rap for being overly-complicated, but this is a tool that is the antithesis of that reputation. It does involve metrics but the bulk of the focus is on strategic planning. Strategic planning …

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Six Sigma Strategies, part 2

published on October 17, 2011

This week I want to continue helping you build a Six Sigma framework in your organization to ensure that your Six Sigma effort continues without frustration and lack of focus. Decide your level of commitment to cross-functional teams Much like …

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