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Program Management Consulting Services

…because no two businesses are the same

Your business is as individual as you are. You’ll experience your own difficulties and will need to find solutions that are relevant to you.

Therefore SPC Business Consulting Services include a range of program management consulting programs designed to meet all your business needs. You will receive recommendations based on a holistic approach; we heal your company from all sides allowing you to get the most from your projects and programs.

Program Management Consulting Services

Your projects are the way your business deliver products or services to your customers. This is where we talk to you about the tools and technology you use everyday to run your business. We talk to you about what you measuring and what you aren’t, why things are happening and where you can look to find relief from some of your most pressing business problems.

Some of the areas we look at are:

  • Diversity Programs
  • Creating, delivering and monitoring you diverse vendor programs.
  • Vendor Clearinghouse
  • Identification and vetting new and existing vendor.
  • 8570 Certification and Auditing
  • Auditing and certification of your 8570 requirements.
  • Program Efficiency Audits
  • Vendor Systems
  • Development and implementation of diverse vendor and certification systems.
  • Metrics Analysis and Development
  • Determining what you should be measuring and why.


People are the most important resource in process improvement. The way your staff feels about your organization determines whether your improvement projects will be a success or a failure. Some of the people areas we focus on are:

  • Workforce Structure and Development
  • How you assign your resources.
  • Change Management Training and Implementation
  • How you communicate change to your organization.
  • Training and Development


As our clients develop their programs and projects, we are able to provide them with full service consulting.

A few of the services we offer are:

  • Program/Project Auditing
  • Compliance auditing and consulting.
  • Certification Package Submissions
  • Assistance in getting your vendors 3rd party certified.
  • Certification Audits
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance for your vendors.
  • Analysis and Assessments
  • Review of your programs and projects for efficiency and improvements.