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Six sigma Tools: Kaizen Events

published on May 21, 2012

Kaizen events help you find your target


With every improvement project you learn something valuable and a tool for improvements that need to happen quickly are Kaizen events. Kaizen events are rapid responses to very specific areas usually taking 3-5 days.  Kaizen events are not difficult, but if you do not put the appropriate planning in place before you begin you will not realize any improvements. To begin with a basic structure of a Kaizen event should include the following:

  • Training-what Kaizen is and how it      works.
  • Defining the problem/goals
  • Documenting the current state
  • Brainstorming and developing a future      state
  • Implementation
  • Developing a follow-up plan
  • Presenting results
  • Celebrating successes

The most important thing to remember is that a Kaizen event is driven by two principles:  What can we continuously improve and what waste can we eliminate? Those two principles bring us to my next point.

What Can’t Kaizen Events Do?

Kaizen cannot solve any 6Sigma problem. It is a tool that works best with situations that are not heavily focused on metrics. Situations such as yield improvements or variation reduction would not benefit from a Kaizen exercise.

There are many tools for a Kaizen checklist, but as with most 6Sigma tools the best advice often comes from your belt. If you are looking for a quick introduction to 6Sigma without the total commitment often necessary for a 6Sigma improvement project, Kaizen may be your answer.

published on May 21, 2012


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