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Are you scaring off potential talent?

published on March 3, 2011

In this economy it’s easy to assume that all applicants are lucky to get interviewed, but when you carry that attitude into the hiring process it becomes a lightning rod for the talent you are trying to attract. There are certain fields where this is an exception, I can think of technical fields and the medical field where personality isn’t the most attractive trait, but for the rest of business there is something to be said for soft skills on the hiring end. Talented employees are generally looking for a company that mirrors their beliefs and values and treating them like they should be grateful they have the opportunity to work can send them right out the door.  If you recruitment division is breaking any of these rules, maybe it’s time to decide what type of talent you are looking for.

You are not the best thing that has ever happened to them

I know it’s a rough economy and people are lucky to have jobs, but by that same token you are lucky to have employees. The fact that you are looking to hire someone for a position says that you need something too. Instead of treating potential applicants like they should be thanking you for the chance, try to focus on why they appeal to you.  An employment relationship should be beneficial to both parties

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published on March 3, 2011


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