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Can Bob Dudley Fix BP?

published on August 25, 2010

Now that BP has chosen Bob Dudley to lead the company into a new future, can he inspire change?  The 2007 Baker Report has provided a very challenging view of corporate culture.  Against all odds, I think Bob Dudley can use this situation to foster a change within BP if he tackles a few of these issues.

Assess the Situation

BP has spent a lot of time talking with Congress and the media to do damage control; that effort should have first been levied at the workers.  BP is a large corporation with a wealth of internal knowledge; they have contacts that most professionals only dream about. That internal knowledge should have been the first place they turned. I am not impressed by the talking heads, but by the knowledge of the staff. You want to know what to do, talk to the people that do it.  Find out why the situation occurred and the best way to fix it. Listen to your staff, they are the experts. The information they possess could have prevented false starts.


Read the entire article at: http://www.examiner.com/small-business-insights-in-national/can-bob-dudley-fix-bp

published on August 25, 2010


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