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New Information on Services for Businesses Available from Job Centre Plus

published on November 24, 2009

Jobcentre Plus: Recruitment and Retention Services


£1000 Recruitment Subsidy

We recognise recruitment can be expensive and that some employers are reluctant to take on customers who might not have recent or relevant work experience.  We can pay you £1000 for everyone you recruit who has been claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for over 6 months. 


Local Employment Partnerships (LEPs) were introduced by the government to help employers find the right person for their job.  A partnership between you and Jobcentre Plus can help unlock a local talent pool you might otherwise miss out on. We will work with you to understand your business and recruitment needs.  We then match people to your vacancies.  Over one thousand Kings Lynn employers have ‘signed up’ to LEP since 2007. The agreement we make with you could include:


Work Trial

If you are uncertain about taking someone on you can “try out” a potential employee for 1-30 days using a Work Trial. It gives you the chance to see someone trying out the job as a volunteer so you can decide whether they are right for the role. Eligible applicants will usually have been unemployed for 26 weeks or more, or have been made redundant. You do not have to even advertise your vacancy with us to use Work Trials, although we will need to set up a simple agreement with you beforehand. The job should be expected to last 13 weeks and be for at least 16 hours per week.


Pre-employment training

Work with us and our partner organisations to develop a package of training tailored to meet your vacancy specifications. Covering things you value such as customer service, Health and Safety or perhaps some computer skills, this is a valuable way of giving unemployed applicants an insight to your business practices. For those who complete the training but don’t get a job with you, we hope you will offer an opportunity such as a mock interview or one to one feedback.


Recruitment process

Your current recruitment process may make it difficult for some people to apply.  We can work with you to review the process, making alternative arrangements for those people who have previously been excluded.



Offering your employees the opportunity to mentor people who want to return to work


Considering new ways of working

Looking at other ways of providing opportunities e.g. offering flexible working patterns or job share opportunities.


Train to Gain

In addition to this you may be eligible to claim up to £1500 worth of funding from the Learning and Skills Council to help a staff member get an NVQ2 qualification. 


We do not charge you for any of the services we provide. If you would like to know more call Karen Fysh on 01553 734741 / 07966 566222 or visit the Jobcentre plus website www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk.



** If you would like the opportunity to give a presentation to small groups of recently unemployed people from the local community, we would really like to hear from you. These short sessions are designed to give people – some of who may have recently been made redundant after many years with the same employer – an insight into what qualities and skills employers are looking for when recruiting for new staff**

published on November 24, 2009


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